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Alternative literature and art.  Alt lit - the Kenneth Dickson art gallery.
This site is a work in progress.  Some of the old links still exist.

Art.  outsider art with a modern twist and randomness!  Expression through chaos and junk.
Collect things and use them for art. 

One of the coolest art pieces I've ever seen was a chair which consisted of about 10,000 pencils glued together.

I think it took the guy about a year and a half.

My friend Dave once made a dough-hook man built out of tons of discarded dough hooks welded together.
(I need to get a picture of dough hook man if it still exists.)

I think it would be cool to take lots of shiny metal and form some organized chaos projects.

My next projects will be in clay, crayons, and duct tape, random metal, and anything small and in large amounts. 

More Riley Mobiles on are the way too.

I'll be posting some of my art on this site.

Check out "Riley Mobile".  - Dog action art:
Artist Ken Dickson

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Outsider-ish art

Aggressive and Effective Representation
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My ceramics teacher taught me the value of expression through the abnormal. 
Expression though art is beautiful.
I love America and I love free speech.
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